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A Rhyming Cover Letter


Although some companies like Google or Microsoft do not usually ask for a cover letter for job applications, a lot of others do and it might be critical to write one that will catch the eye of the recruiter. After getting absolutely no response from a few companies, I tried a different route for a position which specifically asked to “shine in the cover letter”. I came up with the following “poem” and voila! I got the fastest response ever! I did not ask if the cover letter did work or if they would respond quickly anyway, but still, I wanted to share it so that it might inspire someone. At least, it might put a smile on a recruiter’s face 😉

I am MacGyver of development, Dr. House of bug finding
I am Mr. Wolf when a bug needs resolving.
I am the solvent to your bugs, creating new solutions,
I am the answer to your existing questions.
I am the the one that will hinder the hindrance,
I am the guardian of your well-known excellence.
I am a developer, designer and tester
I am …
…. the Bugmaster!

By the way, I am not responsible for getting blacklisted for being too informal if you try to do a similar thing. In the end, don’t be this guy: http://www.theonion.com/article/informal-tone-cover-letter-sets-job-applicant-apar-50810