Back in the year 2008, when iPhone did not have support for copy/paste yet, I wrote one of the first inter-application copy paste app for jailbroken iPhones; CopierciN. I tried my best to support it until a native copy/paste interface was added. Then I bought a motorcycle and rode it towards the sunset, knowing my job here was done 🙂


My journey of 40000 km on roads ended with several broken bones, 3 operations, 16 platinum implants. So, I left riding behind (for now 😉 ) and decided to give another shot at mobile application development with support of my wife, Nurci.

I have a full-time job but still, I’ll again try my best to come up with new apps and support existing ones. Don’t hesitate to contact me for anything.

So, cheers for a new beginning 😎

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