Line Me Up; Rubik’s Cube in 2D

Line Me Up on AppStore – (or click here for free version)

Line Me Up is a result of thinking “How would Rubik’s Cube be if it were in 2D?”. I was excited about the idea as I am a Rubik (and it’s variations’) fan and decided to go for it as my first game on iOS.

However, after playing  the first prototype, I found it too easy for my taste . At that a point, I decided to add an option to convert a photo into some-kind-of-a sliding puzzle. It would not be similar to the classical sliding puzzles as you will have to move entire row or column instead of moving a single piece.

It took me a few days to solve my first pictured puzzle and still, it is a challenge to solve an eight by eight puzzle.

“How about people with no background on Rubik’s Cubes?” you ask? Well, I got asked a lot if it is even possible to solve it. The answer is “Yes, absolutely”, so don’t be afraid but get ready for a challenge.

You’ll be able to undo your moves or have a peek at the solution. Each move will be automatically saved so you’ll be able to resume your game even if you run out of battery.

I’ll add a gameplay video soon (may even give some hints on how to solve 😉 ), till then, here are the tutorial images:

tutorial1b tutorial2b