Previous Publications

Found my previous publications that were written for YKGS and wanted to keep them here together for further reference.

They are in Turkish but I hope it can be useful to someone somewhere someday somehow 🙂

Analyzing Software Architecture Using Dependency Structure Matrices

Automated Test Approach in Real Time Systems

Tool Deployment In Software Peer Reviews

A Rhyming Cover Letter


Although some companies like Google or Microsoft do not usually ask for a cover letter for job applications, a lot of others do and it might be critical to write one that will catch the eye of the recruiter. After getting absolutely no response from a few companies, I tried a different route for a position which specifically asked to “shine in the cover letter”. I came up with the following “poem” and voila! I got the fastest response ever! I did not ask if the cover letter did work or if they would respond quickly anyway, but still, I wanted to share it so that it might inspire someone. At least, it might put a smile on a recruiter’s face 😉

I am MacGyver of development, Dr. House of bug finding
I am Mr. Wolf when a bug needs resolving.
I am the solvent to your bugs, creating new solutions,
I am the answer to your existing questions.
I am the the one that will hinder the hindrance,
I am the guardian of your well-known excellence.
I am a developer, designer and tester
I am …
…. the Bugmaster!

By the way, I am not responsible for getting blacklisted for being too informal if you try to do a similar thing. In the end, don’t be this guy:

Line Me Up is Updated

Hey everyone, I’ve updated Line Me Up and it is already on AppStore. Free version had all its limitations removed. Now you can choose your own image from your library,  play with any sized boards and have unlimited undos.

Both versions had their download sizes greatly reduced so don’t be afraid to download using 3G 🙂

Line Me Up on AppStore – (or click here for free version)